Vaccination History

Introduction to Vaccine History and Edward Jenner

If we take a closer look at the history of vaccination we shall see that from the outset our vaccine legend appears to have been based on some historical manoeuvring designed to gloss over some inconvenient truths… Read More

Edward Jenner’s questionable vaccination experiments

However in Baron’s “Life of Jenner”, (Vol. II, p. 304) we learn that, “On the 14th of May, 1796, Jenner vaccinated James Phipps, a boy about eight years old, with the matter taken from the hand of a dairymaid infected … Read More

Vaccination history pre-dating Edward Jenner

This injection of pus from cowpox vesicles into individuals as a form of preventative medication against smallpox has been credited as the first type of vaccination from this procedure and from the Latin, vaccinia = cow, we de… Read More

Smallpox – eradication?

Turning to the story of smallpox vaccination, we see an almost blind faith and disregard of available evidence in the much-touted anecdote ‘smallpox has been eradicated by vaccination’. In England free smallpox vaccines were introduced in 1840 and … Read More

The history of vaccine production and mass vaccination

However dubious the experiments and medical reasoning surrounding the use of vaccines, the ‘Authorities’ had decided, vaccines were to be the new wonder drugs. They heralded a new era of possibility with regard to preventat… Read More

‘Vaccination’ enters the Encyclopaedia Britannica but is scientifically exposed as a sham

The overwhelming consensus is that smallpox vaccination was a great success, representing a significant milestone in medicines triumph over illness, eventually eradicating smallpox from the enti… Read More