Science Media Manipulating the Public about Vaccines

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Science Media Manipulating the Public about Vaccines

Science20 have been manipulating the public about the effect of not vaccinating.

Thank you to Jenny Hautman for her question, yesterday at 8:06 pm: “Trevor, what do you make of this story of the Spanish boy with diphtheria? Would be glad of any decent information other that the propaganda”. diphtheria caught Spain off guard

To elaborate on my answer … Diphtheria vaccine is a vaccine made from the ‘toxin’ that is produced by the diphtheria bacteria (under certain conditions). Unlike most other vaccines (but similar to tetanus vaccine), the vaccine is NOT designed to stop the bacteria in an individual and therefore NOT designed to stop the spread of the bacteria from person to person. Therefore cannot stop the spread of the disease, it is designed to stop the severity of the disease IF one contracts diphtheria (and that’s of course IF it works).


“…Immunization with diphtheria toxoid is protective only against the phage-mediated toxin and not against infection by the C. diphtheriae organism… Outbreaks in communities with up to 94 per cent immunization levels have been reported.”

R.T. Chen, M.D.  et al.

American Journal of Public Health, Dec 1985, Vol 75, No.12

The fact that the disease is now virtually non-existent is a testimony to the fact that diseases decline as general health improves regardless of vaccines. The article goes on to blame the reduced vaccine uptake figures in Russia as the cause of the re-emergence of infectious disease there. A closer look at the data shows that most of the cases (96.7%) came from those that were vaccinated and it was the decline in living standards that gave rise to disease whether you were vaccinated or not!

BUT the fact that a science correspondent states that the re-emergence of diphtheria is due to a small percentage of the population deciding not to vaccinate is a reflection of their misunderstanding but also indicative of their desire to blame the non-vaccinated for health problems. This tactic is very divisive among the population and has the effect of galvanising people to oppose other members of the public for making different vaccine choices.

It all sounds rational and so members of the pubic (and many in the scientific community who generally know very little about vaccines) take up the baton on behalf of pharma companies. These people are unfortunately being manipulated, they are understandably afraid of illness (because that is the cultural norm) but they are on the whole defending a way of thinking which is very linear and appears scientific in which vaccinations appear to fit. But what I have noticed is that most people commenting on these vaccine issues especially the most vociferous and vehement have virtually no insight or basic knowledge about disease, immunity or vaccines.

These are fairly complex issues, they are not black and white … there is a good scientific case for not vaccinating, so people please reserve judgement until you have really looked into this with an open mind or you will be manipulated into doing the dirty work for large corporations.




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