Why do apparently healthy children in the developed countries suffer adverse effects from illnesses such as measles?

Common pharmaceutical drugs can compromise the immune function

By referring back to our chronic disease chart it is possible to see how we become susceptible to a range of illnesses according to our history of disease and whether or not these illnesses were resolved, i.e. our history of immune success or failure. As already described, if we experience acute microbial illnesses that are not resolved, then our health level drops into chronic disease patterns, so for example from skin illnesses to glandular and lung illnesses. Vaccines, anti-pyretics, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, anti-histamines, steroids, broncho-dilators all work against the immune function of the body and can predispose us to immune failure.

The naturopathic tradition of treating measles as documented in “The Hygienic care of children” by Herbert M Shelton and states:

“…that the invasive consequences and other complications of measles must all be the results of suppressive treatment, since they neverdevelop under Hygienic (naturopathic) care…This is evidence from an orthodox source, that complications are due to suppressing the eliminative effort through the skin – the rash.”

Immune compromised patterns from previous generations are inherited by later generations

We also know that these patterns are inherited which makes it more imperative that these issues are resolved in the next generation, however with further vaccination and symptom suppression, the subsequent generations will actually start off with even lower levels of health and will not be able to tolerate much more suppression before they become seriously ill. These individuals may not show apparent symptoms of disease, but that is because their symptoms have been suppressed and they are in fact unable to express many symptoms of disease that healthier people can. Many individuals are therefore sensitised to all sorts of poisons and in fact are sensitised to all kinds of foods that now become deadly poisons.

Subsequently, with a minimum of suppression, a potentially mild illness in such individuals of low health will become invasive very quickly, leading to severe neurological complications and even the death of the patient. The orthodox media portray this as the death of an individual that was previously healthy, from a virulent microbe. The health profession then race to create a new vaccine in order to save the lives of ourselves and our children, when in fact the vaccine actually adds to the immune burden.

We know that these microbes are present in all of us but only invade the internal systems of individuals that are immune compromised and therefore have unresolved illnesses, and often from previous generations. Vaccines in fact add to the immune burden and pre-dispose us to the very syndromes we are trying to avoid and this becomes more apparent when the immune is compromised.

This is why mercury poisoning affects people that have a family history of immune compromised illness, this is also why autism is not spread across the population randomly and evenly, autism occurs in individuals with a family history of immune compromised illness, autism often affects more than one child in the same family. This is also why illnesses, for example cancer, occurs now at younger ages than ever before in children with a history of cancer in previous generations, these are all indicative of unresolved patterns of illness that are passed on to subsequent generations.

Illnesses are multifactorial, there are many factors and they affect individuals according to their susceptibility, for example many of us are aware of the dangers of smoking but smoking does not cause lung cancer with the first cigarette, some may never develop cancer, but smoking, although may have short-term benefits for some will also have longer term disadvantages that only become apparent in time and appear more frequently in the most susceptible.