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Don’t vaccinate to protect my cancer kid

I want to share this article as it deals with a very important issue – the last emotional weapon used to coerce people into thinking that vaccinating is for the greater good. That by vaccinating and creating herd immunity we are protecting children that are too sick to be vaccinated. Of course this relies on a vaccine […]

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Science Media Manipulating the Public about Vaccines

  Science Media Manipulating the Public about Vaccines Science20 have been manipulating the public about the effect of not vaccinating. Thank you to Jenny Hautman for her question, yesterday at 8:06 pm: “Trevor, what do you make of this story of the Spanish boy with diphtheria? Would be glad of any decent information other that […]

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Meningitis C Vaccine Question

Question A paediatrician on a course I attended urged all the parents to get their babies fully vaccinated.  He said that since the Men C vaccine had been routinely administered he hadn’t seen a single case of Men C meningitis, having seen it regularly before the introduction of the vaccine. Therefore on that basis is […]

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What are the potential dangers of vaccines?

Dangers of Vaccines – Traditional versus Independent view (excerpt from Book ‘Vaccines’) Traditional View: Many of the potential dangers of vaccines are recognised by mainstream scientists and vaccine promoters, there are numerous potential side-effects, many of them and they are noted on the vaccine packets but they rarely occur. The rationale for vaccination has been […]

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What is the evidence for the safety of vaccines?

Vaccine safety studies (Excerpt from free eBook)   The Traditional View: Vaccines have been extensively trialed for safety i.e. to check if any dangerous side-effects are evident from use of the vaccine. These results are taken from both historical evidence of the extensive use of vaccines and current studies. Because of the long history of vaccination […]

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How important are antibodies for immunity?

  Vaccine Immunity  (Excerpt from our free eBook) The Traditional View: Antibodies are a necessary and vital component used in our immune response to germs. They are specific for each type of bacteria or virus and we only produce these antibodies after we have been exposed to the germ. Once we have sufficient numbers of […]

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