– How to make your choice with confidence

  • Are there safe and effective alternatives to vaccines? What is immunity?
  • How your child’s natural immune system is NOT designed to eliminate dangerous toxins yet vaccines force heavy toxic metals like aluminium beyond 80% of the bodies natural defences
  • How you can actively support the development of your child’s immune system and avoid putting it under the kind of stress that contributes towards more serious illness

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A Mother's Vaccine Dilemma by Trevor Gunn


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If you read our free starter eBook “How do parents with unvaccinated children sleep at night’ you may have experienced some surprise, perhaps also confusion as to why this information is not readily available, possibly an increased desire to know more and I know that some of you can feel anger because you now know that:

  • The historical evidence for the success of vaccines is incomplete and flawed because the major improvements in the reduction in infectious disease occurred before the introduction of vaccines
  • And some of the worst killer diseases almost completely vanished before any vaccine was produced
  • Not only that – the main argument for the development of vaccines i.e. antibody theory is a pre 1940’s medical concept that is now viewed by the experts in immunology as outdated and fundamentally flawed
  • Not to mention the inherent problems with the safety of vaccines – so many of the serious side effects from vaccines like autoimmune disease, allergies, diabetes, brain and nervous system disorders, etc simply go unreported because vaccines are assumed to be safe and side-effects like these are not screened for in the general population

You were possibly surprised to discover that:

  • Vaccines are not tested like normal prescription drugs i.e. compared to a harmless placebo (like water), instead they are tested against a so-called ‘placebo’ that still has all the dangerous toxic substances like heavy metals (aluminium and mercury) which means that the test results always make vaccines look safer than if they were tested in the same way that prescription drugs are tested
  • Large sums of compensation are paid out to unfortunate families whose children have suffered terrible life changing side effects from vaccines and yet these cases pass away largely unreported and unpublicised
  • There has been a frightening increase in serious autoimmune childhood illnesses over the last 50 years and they have occurred during a period where the numbers of vaccines have increased by approximately 700%

More hidden facts!

In this book ‘A Mothers’a Vaccine Dilemma – How to make your choice with confidence ‘ we provide even more details of the facts surrounding the world of vaccines to ensure that these critical concepts have been fully absorbed and understood

Then we present further evidence that demonstrates how statistics are fudged to support the prevailing dogma that vaccines are safe and effective

How will you cast your vote in the head to head?

With this revision completed we turn our attention to the big questions on many parents’ minds after being startled by these vaccination facts:

  • If vaccines are ineffective and dangerous then what happens to our children if they are left unvaccinated?
  • Are they unprotected and at risk?
  • Is there anything to replace vaccines?
  • What is natural immunity?
  • Does it work and can it protect our children from serious illness?

Simple, effective and safe steps to protect your child from chronic illness!

  • You’ll learn that a basic understanding of how our natural immune systems work can remove so much of the fear associated with childhood illness.
  • And with this common sense understanding in place you’ll recognise the role that internal toxins play in the development of mild and serious illness and what you can do to support your child’s natural immune development
  • Plus you’ll be able to understand the difference between acute and chronic illness in your child and the simple steps you can take to avoid increasing the likelihood of your child developing a chronic illness
  • Also you’ll discover how traditional suppressive medicine and vaccines can make it more likely that your child could develop a chronic illness
  • Once you have this new knowledge you’ll be able to escape the control from the ‘disease fear-mongers’ that desperately want you to believe that your child needs their drugs
  • You’ll have answers to some of the nagging questions that many parents have in their minds after they have gained these health insights “Yes, but what about ………Polio, Tetanus, Rubella and/or Travel vaccines?”

Here’s what some people have said about information presented by Trevor Gunn:


I wish I’d gone to this talk before I made any decisions about my child’s health…”

The Observer


I very much respect your dilligence at looking at the literature and carefully considering the issues…” 

Dr Clements World Health Organisation

This Book is for you if you want to know:

  • How the history of germ theory has influenced the mass production of vaccines and what that means for the chances of your child being one of the unlucky children to be affected by the huge increase in autoimmune diseases
  • Why the way that vaccines are made and tested is a possible health disaster waiting to happen in your family
  • How health professionals use vaccine effectiveness statistics that are unfortunately biased, incomplete and misleading to reassure you that the history of vaccines is nothing but positive
  • How vaccine promoters try to use bogus and patronising arguments to explain why vaccines are not tested like any other normal drug
  • Why its vital to understand the link between toxins, the immune system and illness if you want to avoid chronic disease in your family
  • How a more holistic understanding of disease can reduce your fear of illness, improve your child’s chances of a quick recovery from illness and minimise the risks of mistakenly creating the conditions for more serious and chronic illness in the future
  • How herd immunity is used as an emotional weapon to guilt trip many suspicious parents into going against their better instincts and vaccinating their own children

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My name is Trevor Gunn I’m a graduate in medical biochemistry and holistic health practitioner.

I’ve dedicated the last 25 years of my life to the holistic treatment of patients with all kinds of medical conditions, reading and interpreting the available research into the health impact of certain lifestyle issues, foods, toxins and drugs including vaccines, educating parents and health practitioners.

I help teach parents how to assess the risks from vaccinating against the risks from childhood diseases so that they can make their own decisions about what is best for their children’s health

So if you want to find an alternative option to vaccinations and would like to obtain this concise, easy to read, booklet, then click on the relevant link below to purchase ‘A Mother’s vaccine Dilemma – How to make your choice with confidence’ on Amazon.co.uk

“A Mother’s Vaccine Dilemma@Amazon.co.uk”

A Mother's Vaccine Dilemma by Trevor Gunn