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The idea of leaving your children unvaccinated makes much more sense when you understand the risks of vaccine side effects

In order to come to a balanced and informed decision about vaccinating your children it’s useful to at least be aware that there is a real debate about both the effectiveness and safety of vaccination practice.

This article provides an overview of the content that you will find contained within this free eBook “How do parents with unvaccinated children sleep at night”.

This eBook is a short introduction into the subject of vaccines, vaccine side effects, vaccination philosophy and its practical application. It attempts to present both sides of the argument so that you the parent can decide whether to look into the subject in any more detail.

We hope this information contributes positively towards the health and wellbeing of your family.

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In this free ebook:

  • How to balance the risks of vaccine side effects against the risks from common childhood illnesses and feel confident your making the right decision for the health of your child
  • The few simple facts that will stop your healthcare professionals, family and friends pushing you into a decision before you are ready to decide for yourself
  • Why much of the advice you receive from so called independent health officials on the benefits of vaccines is false, outdated and makes no scientific sense
  • Clear, simple and logical facts to help you and your partner knowledgeably discuss one of the most important decisions for the long term health of your child

Every parent wants their child to have the best possible health start in life

You do all you can to protect them from all the most obvious dangers in the world

You do your best to ensure they eat good food, get plenty of rest and when they are sick you take them to the healthcare professionals you trust

Our children are sicker today than they were 50 years ago!

And you believe that these experts know what is best for the health of your young children and babies and yet many studies show that our children are sicker today than they were 50 years ago

Because we now have much higher percentages of autoimmune diseases, diabetes, lupus, arthritis and allergies including asthma, eczema and anaphylaxis, in children compared to 50 years ago and during this time vaccines have increased by 700%

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And many studies show the link between the increasing uptake of vaccines and these modern day illnesses

Some of you will know parents whose children have suffered side effects, sometimes minor but sometimes life-changing following a course of vaccinations and you may have listened with empathy to the stories that you are told hoping against hope that the same does not happen to your child

But many of you will be unaware that many governments around the world pay out large sums in compensation to vaccine damaged children while at the same time telling parents that there is nothing to fear from vaccines and vaccination schedules

And yet to even question the safety of vaccinations and whether they work in today’s modern healthcare world is very challenging indeed. Almost everyone believes that vaccines have been instrumental in bringing down disease rates around the world.

But is this true?

How successful have vaccines been at reducing rates of disease?

As soon as our babies are born we are sold on the benefits of vaccinating and warned of the risks of being exposed to deadly diseases

Government, health institutions, doctors, healthcare professionals, family and friends all give us the benefit of their opinions about the vital need for vaccines

And yet in spite of all this pressure a growing percentage of parents are deciding their children’s health will be better served by not vaccinating.

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What do these parents know that allows them to sleep at night with “unprotected” children?

We know that the vast majority of parents do agree to vaccinate their children because they believe their doctors and health professionals understand better than them the balance of the risks of vaccinating versus the benefits of being apparently “unprotected” from these illnesses.

However you may be shocked to know that most healthcare professionals are unaware of some of the most basic arguments which question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines eg.

  • Vaccines are not trialled to the same rigorous standard as any normally prescribed drug
  • One of the core concepts currently underpinning vaccine theory is based on pre 1940’s medical thinking that is outdated and is known to be flawed
  • The argument that large percentages of the population need to be vaccinated to achieve the Herd Immunity effect is a theoretical concept that has never been shown to work

Parents that do question the safety of vaccines or the need to have them so soon after their babies are born often feel they are placed under enormous pressure to vaccinate. The pressure is applied usually before they have had time to adjust to being a new parent and certainly before they have had time to come to a considered opinion about vaccinations.

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Is it any wonder that most parents simply give in to the pressure to vaccinate when you consider the many scare stories in the press about the problems associated with lower than usual uptakes of vaccine schedules and the epidemics of childhood illnesses that are threatening to make every unprotected child a frightening health statistic, not to mention the non expert, expert opinions from our nearest and dearest.

We are committed to bringing down the rates of chronic disease in children

To achieve this we bring together the disciplines of biomedical science and holistic medicine to help interpret the available research into the health impact of lifestyle issues, foods, toxins, drugs and vaccines.

We help teach parents how to assess the risks from vaccinating against the risks from childhood diseases so that they can make their own decisions about what is best for their children’s health

To help you to feel confident that the decision you are about to take is the right one, we have condensed 20 years of study into a short easy to read eBook and it’s free

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It summarises the arguments both for and against vaccinations so that you can begin the process of making up your own mind as to what is best for your child’s short and long term health

This eBook will help you if you’re:

  • Unaware about the risks and this is your first exposure to there being any problem with vaccines
  • Worried about stories of side effects from vaccines and want to know more
  • Feeling anxious because you have a gut instinct that all is not well with vaccines but you don’t know why
  • Feeling under pressure from your healthcare professional or family to vaccinate before you feel ready to make a decision
  • Worried about making the right decision
  • Worried about your potentially unvaccinated children catching a serious infection
  • Convinced vaccinating is the best option but you just want a sneak summary of some of the arguments against before you go ahead
  • Looking for a short document that summarises both sides of the argument so that you and your partner can discuss the pros and cons of vaccinating in a rational and informed way

If you want more balanced answers to any of the questions you now have about vaccines then you will certainly benefit from having access to this eBook.

For a limited period this eBook is being offered for free to parents like you that may be finding it difficult to get access to the information you need to feel confident about making one of the most important health decisions for your children.

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